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Understanding SQL Scripting  

Course Objective:
This 2-day course will teach database professionals about using SQL (Structured Query Language) to access and manipulate database. Usage of SQL statements to add, delete, insert, retrieve and update data in a SQL database will be covered.

Upgrade Path / Next Recommended Course:
SQL Scripting (Advanced) - Checkout our promotional bundle
No prerequisite required. Some database concepts and basic programming knowledge an added advantage.

Certificate Of Attendance:
Certificate Of Attendance will be awarded to participants completing the course.achieving minimum 75% attendance.

Training Methodology & Materials:
  • Practical case study sessions to enhance concept.
  • Well-designed lab sessions to further enhance the understanding of the courseware given.

  • Training Duration:
    Full-Time : 2 weekdays / 2 Sats          
    Time : 9.30am - 5.30pm
    Course Outline:

    Chapter 1: Introduction to SQL
    Chapter 2: SQL - SELECT Statement
    Chapter 3: SQL - WHERE Clause
    Chapter 4: SQL – INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE Statement
    Chapter 5: SQL – ORDER BY
    Chapter 6: SQL – AND & OR Conditions
    Chapter 7: SQL – IN & BETWEEN Operators
    Chapter 8: SQL – Alias & Sub Queries
    Chapter 9: SQL – JOIN & UNION Command
    Chapter 10: SQL – CREATE
    Chapter 11: SQL – DROP & ALTER Statement
    Chapter 12: SQL – Syntax Function
    Chapter 13: SQL – GROUP BY & HAVING Function
    Chapter 14: SQL – SELECT INTO Statement
    Chapter 15: SQL – CREATE VIEW Statement
    Chapter 16: SQL – Syntax Summary

    Please download Course Brochure for detailed course outline.

    Course Fee:
    Training Fee: $550.00
    Regn Fee: $25.00

    Promotion Bundle: Understanding Scripting + Advanced SQL Scripting Course = S$799** (Save S$550!!)
    Regn Fee : S$25

    To register online for SQL Scripting Bundle course (Understanding SQL Scripting + Adv SQL Scripting), please select course title 'SQL Scripitng PLUS'.

    ** Terms and conditions apply. Please call for details.
    (Promotion bundle valid till 30Jun16)

    All fees subject to GST 7%.

    Download Course Brochure (Contact Customer Service @ 6333 4843)

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